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Rules: There are none.
Requests: Please credit me and send me a link to what you've created so I can feel special.

The photos in this account were taken on vacations by either me or one of my parents, or taken at home by me. This account will probably be huge, as there are a lot of such photos. Depending on how bored I get I may also scan photos from old albums, partcularly ones of me when I was little because I was really pretty then. But that would require having more free time than I would be willing to admit to, and is not likely to happen.

:iconmemoriesofrain: <-- my other account, from which I will be moving some stock onto here.

Other (non DA) sites with free stock

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Prints Policy: Any of the stock of objects, places, nature, or animals may be used in prints unconditionally. If you want to make a print out of a picture in which you used my stock of people, please ask permission first- some of those people are friends and family.

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Submitted on
September 3, 2004